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Next Report On Friday (Thu, 23 Nov 2017)
No Report On Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone. Newzsentinel Streaming Newz
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Whose Private-Sector Debt Will Implode Next: US, Canada, China, Eurozone, Japan? (Thu, 23 Nov 2017)
11.23.17  –  Whose Private-Sector Debt Will Implode Next: US, Canada, China, Eurozone, Japan? Canadians, fasten your seat-belt. Here are the charts. The Financial Crisis in the US was a consequence of too much debt and too much risk, among numerous … Continue reading →
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Time Is Running Out For The Cabal, Tick-Tock – Episode 1431 (Tue, 21 Nov 2017)
Millions of American have negative wealth, these people never recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, meanwhile the 1% have stolen the wealth from the rest of the people. Existing home sales decline. The yield curve is flattening and this … Continue reading →
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Bank Of America Analyst: A ‘Flash Crash’ In Early 2018 ‘Seems Quite Likely’ – 11.21.17 (Tue, 21 Nov 2017)
  Is the stock market bubble about to burst?  I know that I have been touching on this theme over and over and over again in recent weeks, but I can’t help it.  Red flags are popping up all over … Continue reading →
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A Closer Look Into How We Were Tricked Into Believing The Economy Has Recovered – Episode 1430 (Mon, 20 Nov 2017)
Spain’s pension system is in crisis mode and nobody is paying attention to it. Canada’s economy is about to turn and not in a good way. The price of gold has been pushed down, someone dumped thousands of contracts. Corporate … Continue reading →
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The Yield Curve Has Not Been This Flat In 10 Years, And Many Believe This Is A Sign That A Recession Is Imminent – 11.20.17 – (Mon, 20 Nov 2017)
  Whenever we see an inverted yield curve, a recession almost always follows, and that is why many analysts are deeply concerned that the yield curve is currently the flattest that it has been in about a decade. In other … Continue reading →
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