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Coast To Coast AM remembers Jim Marrs (Thu, 03 Aug 2017)
Acclaimed investigative journalist and beloved member of the conspiracy theory and UFO research community, Jim Marrs, has passed away. After several years working as a reporter for a variety of Texas newspapers, Marrs achieved worldwide notoriety for his landmark book Crossfire, which … Continue reading →
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Linda Moulton Howe pays tribute to Jim Marrs (Thu, 03 Aug 2017)
In Memoriam Jim Marrs December 5, 1943 – August 2, 2017 “Goddammit, I want to stay in Texas!” I never saw my dear friend Jim Marrs without a hat unless the wind blew it off. Jim was born 73 years ago … Continue reading →
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Whitley Strieber honors Jim Marrs (Wed, 02 Aug 2017)
From Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country: Jim Marrs died today. He was a frequent guest on Dreamland, a beloved participant in Unknowncountry’s Dreamland festivals, and a dear friend of Whitley and Anne Strieber. He was a fearless reporter who brought an … Continue reading →
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A Personal Message from Jim Marrs (Sat, 24 Jun 2017)
“Howdy Friends! This site will be suspended for a time while my health issues are being addressed. The links to pages, books, DVD’s will remain active. Please monitor this site for future developments. I welcome your support and well wishes … Continue reading →
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The Press Conspiracy Against Trump Continue (Mon, 03 Oct 2016)
THE NEWS LEOPARD REVEALS ITS SPOTS DEPT. As you review this lengthy list of major news organizations that have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, you should keep in mind these are the same news organs that assured us there was … Continue reading →
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FLU SHOTS DON’T WORK (Wed, 28 Sep 2016)
MORE GOVERNMENT CONS DEPT. One cannot evcen make a trip to the grocery store anymore without encountering glitzy ads telling us to all get our flu shots. Never mind that in the past, new signs will soon be up stating … Continue reading →
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Interesting take on Trump (Tue, 16 Aug 2016)
WHY SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP? DEPT The more the corporate mass media, the politicos on both sides of the aisle (who, after all, have gotten us into the current situation in the USA) and the many “experts” either hired or working … Continue reading →
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Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol (Tue, 02 Aug 2016)
SHEEPDIPPED DEPT. When someone officially resigns from or dies in the military or comparable government agency but secretly continues to work for them, it is called “sheep dipping.” This story strikes me as pertaining to someone who has been sheep … Continue reading →
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YOUR TAX DOLLARS FOR MURDER DEPT. Just when you think that at least some events are just normal occurrences, there comes an article like this that ties it all together into a neat conspiratorial knot. While the major thrust of … Continue reading →
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The largest mass shooting in the United States was not in Orlando (Thu, 07 Jul 2016)
A HISTORICAL NOTE DEPT. I usually don’t pass along memes, blogs, stuff from the Internet. But this is so correct and to the point, I cannot resist. Pass this along to those idiots who seem to believe the “Government” can … Continue reading →
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