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Who Owns Your Favorite Pundit? How to Follow the Money (Wed, 27 Apr 2016)
Most of your favorite pundits are owned by the same big donors who control elections. These relationships are never disclosed. You can, however, help me expose the corrupt. Go to It's free to register. Search for the name of the publication you want to look into. For example, I looked into Commentary Magazine, which is incorporated as Commentary, Inc....
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Clifford Durand and Violence Against Women Allowed on Twitter (Wed, 10 Feb 2016)
Clifford Durand is a student at St. John's University who recently threatened to "smash" a "bitch" in his class because she had a Donald Trump sticker on her computer. (You can find an archive of the Tweet here.) None of the people who speak out about "harassment" against women will have anything to say about Clifford Durand's Tweet, which now...
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Marc Randazza Learns a Hard Lesson on Loyalty and Life (Mon, 25 Jan 2016)
Marc Randazza is a lawyer's lawyer. When someone threatened you with a lawsuit or some up drama came up, Randazza was the man you called. He was more generous with his time than any lawyer I'd ever known. As one of his many lawyer-clients, I'd practically have to scream at him to send me a bill. Randazza fought hard for...
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Is Devin McCahey Going to Shoot Up Iowa State University (Sat, 24 Oct 2015)
Devin McCahey is a student at Iowa State University. Yesterday on Twitter he told me: straight white people literally like ur an abomination and don't deserve the same rights as others. Be grateful we aren't just killing you. Mr. McCahey also tagged me in this Tweet and then protected his Twitter account to avoid exposure. Although I do not read...
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The Media Push to Normalize Pedophilia Begins (Fri, 16 Oct 2015)
For years people who warned that the normalization of pedophilia would be the next major "civil rights battle" were dismissed as tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. Yet the push for pedophile acceptance has begun. To the surprise of many, pedophile acceptance has some surprising allies. Everyone from Salon to Twitter to National Review are defending pedophiles. Salon published a...
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How to Write About Free Speech Without Being Called a Misogynist (Sat, 26 Sep 2015)
As someone who has written about free speech for a decade or so, I've seen people come and go. I've seen the quality of writing decline. Men are afraid of writing about free speech candidly as currently it's women who are making the push for censorship. If you criticize a woman, you will be called a misogynist. How can you...
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Is John Scalzi a Rapist? (Thu, 03 Sep 2015)
A recent book entitled "John Scalzi is a Rapist" was pulled from Amazon's ebook store after John Scalzi used his considerable connections as a best-selling author to have it removed. Scalzi has previously threatened legal action, but wisely backed down after being advised he did not have a case for defamation. Thus, here is what we currently know about the...
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An Open Letter to the #Cuckservative Chattering Class (Mon, 10 Aug 2015)
I'm not a political junkie who sits around watching CNN or FoxNews. I don't know who the big names or personalities are, and I don't care. For the most part politics are reality TV for men - part wish fulfillment, part distraction from a life of quiet desperation. Yet unfortunately my own freedom and survival have required me to seek...
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How to Argue with a Cuckservative (Tue, 04 Aug 2015)
Ever since I started making fun of cuckservatives (conservatives who enjoy watching their friends get screwed over by the left), the attacks have come. The attacks are not from social justice warriors (my usual adversaries). No, I've been attacked by people on the right! The attacks from various cuckservatives are meta-commentary on the nature of the cuck. Never once has...
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What It's Like Meeting a Woman Who Doesn't Exist (Fri, 31 Jul 2015)
For years I read a blog by Vox Day, but to be honest, I had my concerns about the man. I thought it was weird that he pretended to have an attractive wife. Why do this? John Scalzi, one of Vox Day's haters, had convinced me and others that Vox's wife did not exist. As Vox did not post pictures...
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