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If your looking for some great blog posts, cartoons, illustrations or need a meme inspiration you have come to the right place. Snippits and Snappits has a fantastic assortment of controversial material just waiting to be explored.


Helpful Tidbits is pleased to feature Snippits and Snappits Saturday Cartoons. It will make you laugh, make you sad or make your blood boil, either way it will make your Saturday.

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Alternative Saturday Cartoons - Week 06-16

This February's Saturday cartoon fest is here again ready to fill your head with a hang-nail sized headache that only beer and laxatives can cure.


So grab a toenail clipper and a very large suppository because this highly politically incorrect artistic strap-on has arrived. Prepare your body for a torturous violation brought about by a mass of vibrating artistic pens.


The images Today range from Roundup Ready to wack a mole Trump.

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Alternative Saturday Cartoons - Week 05-16

This February's Saturday cartoon train wreck has been offered up to us by the troubled pens of truly warped artistic minds. Be prepared as you will only find true respite after you finally close this webpage.


So grab some needed Valium and throw on some old spandex, this artistic bender you have waited for has unfortunately arrived. Just remember that you bloated colon will need a flush after your done with this eyesore.


The images Today range from pans have position to around the corner Huggins.

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Alternative Saturday Cartoons - Week 04-16

This January's Saturday cartoon car crash induced artist remorse will  provide you with a short lived respite from the zombie life you toil in.


So grab some weed and crack a beer, the politically incorrect horror show has finally arrived. Your stressed eyes are about to be peeled back and pruned from another dose of artistic instability. The images Today range from Merkel gotta Nose to open carry George.


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The Political Art of David Dee's - January

 Welcome to January's take of  David Dee's fantastic illustrations. Truly he is creating awareness through art.


Uncensored Magazine named Dees 'the most controversial artist in the world today', radio talk show host and nuclear physicist, Dr. Bill Deagle, calls Dees the 'Nikola Tesla of political art', some have written 'Dees is the Norman Rockwell for this new century', and many have pointed out the courage it takes to expose, defame and ridicule the most brutal police state control grid ideology this world has ever seen.

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Alternative Saturday Cartoons - Week 03-16

This January's Saturday hodge podge of eye rolling illustrations will again tease to that smirk on your face and the wrench in your gut.


Grab some coffee and hide the kids because the politically incorrect horror show has just begun. Your tired eyes are about to be tortured with another dose of artistic insanity. The images Today range from Rothschild Dynasty to Justin Bieber.


Home of the politically incorrect and stacked with general silliness - Welcome to Alternative Saturday Cartoons.

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