The Russian Bolshevik Revolution

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Sencha MacRae starts out by talking about how she got interested in the 1917 Russian Revolution and the stigma surrounding the Bolsheviks. She then goes on to weigh how corrupt Western journalism have spun a web of lies about the Bolshevik Coup and played down the horrific reality of the tens of millions of Ukrainian and Russian peasant farmers starved and brutally murdered.

 Sencha then looks over the brutal massacre of Russia’s royal Tsar Nicholas and family, ordered by Lenin, that led to WWI and the mass transformation of the state apparatus as the Jewish elite slid into control of the Communist regime and Christians were targeted for extermination..


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Sencha MacRae - The Russian Bolshevik Revolution

March 9th , 2016 - 45.2M -  mp3




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Sencha MacRae - The Russian Bolshevik Revolution

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