Neocon Globalism and Kalergi's Plan to Genocide Europeans

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In the first hour, Brandon Martinez outlines some of the new content that will be included in the forthcoming second edition of "Grand Deceptions." This book covers the Zionist origins of the War on Terror beginning with 9/11 and the strategies that have been used in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan throughout the entire Neocon conspiracy to create a clash of civilizations in the Middle East.

Brandon details how the migrant crisis in Europe is part of a Zionist plot to weaken the West and break down the countries surrounding Israel in their quest for expansion. We look at the Jewish elite’s tactic of creating a divide in the consensus over the multicultural experiment, along with promoting activism aimed at exacerbating divisions through identity politics.

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Brandon Martinez - Neocon Globalism and Kalergi's Plan to Genocide Europeans

March 2nd 2016





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Brandon Martinez - Neocon Globalism & Kalergi's Plan to Genocide Europeans

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