The US Presidential Candidate Fighting White Genocide

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Bob Whitaker and Tom Bowie join Red Ice for an overview of the American Freedom Party's platform, which is centered on preventing white genocide, halting the immigration invasion and destroying cultural Marxism.
Bob provides insight into the Mantra, a tool of repetition aimed at balanced free speech and countering the thought police's message which is anti-white.

The panel discuss how the party is addressing the so-called race issue  in America by chipping away at the mantras of “Diversity = White Genocide” and “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White,”


Tom goes over the true definition of white genocide and the skillful tactics used by the political elite to promote “diversity” while deflecting away from the true mission of destroying the White race.

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Bob Whitaker & Tom Bowie - The US Presidential Candidate Fighting White Genocide

Feb 19, 2016






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Bob Whitaker and Tom Bowie - The US Presidential Candidate Fighting White Genocide

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