Rense Thursday Podcast

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On this day,  Jeff Rense speaks with Henry L. Niman, Patricia Doyle and Yoichi Shimatsu

The fascinating topics covered in today's Podcast include:

  • Emerging Diseases
  • Zika Virus

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Hour 1


Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD - Zika Virus Moving Fast


Dr Henry Niman Video Playlist - Helpful Tidbits

Hour 2


Patricia Doyle, PhD - Emerging Diseases & Your Health


Dr Patrica Doyle Playlist - Helpful Tidbits

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Hour 3


Yoichi Shimatsu - Patricia Doyle, PhD - Zika Virus


Yoichi Shimatsu YouTube Playlist - Helpful Tidbits

Zika Virus Playlist - Helpful Tidbits

Yoichi Shimatsu

4th Media : :

Rense :


Zika Virus

Latest News : Google

Fact Sheet : CDC

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