Party of the Danes: For the Future of Denmark

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Daniel Carlsen leader of the Danskernes Parti starts off by providing an overview of his time spent as a youth in the public school system in Aarhus Denmark. It is there where he began to observe the reality of his country’s changing demographics and the growing immigration problem that now faces his small country..

This led him to political activism and into the newly forming Danskernes Parti in 2011.  Daniel talks about some of the different political ideologies that define Denmark including the Danish People’s Party. He then goes on to describe the general social climate within some of the cities of Denmark, which intern harbor isolated immigrant districts that function as parallel societies governed by Sharia law.

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Daniel Carlsen - Party of the Danes: For the Future of Denmark

Feb 17, 2016






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Daniel Carlsen - Party of the Danes: For the Future of Denmark

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