American Born Returning To Europe

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Melissa Meszaros and Alex Gabler are two American women who decided to return to their ancestral roots.  Melissa returned to Hungary and Alex has traversed 12 different European countries and now lives in Germany.
The Ladies go over their individual experiences while living in Europe and the different social and political conditions they have run up against.

 Melissa goes over the troubling incursion of migrants in Hungary over last summer and how this   awakened her to the   pro-refugee, anti-White politics that have dominated western policy.

Alex relates how she viewed the double standard the mainstream media uses in reporting the serious rape epidemic in Germany brought on by the refugee invasion.


Alex's writes for: European Guardian

Melissa's YouTube Channel : Kittensinurface

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Alex Gabler and Melissa Mészáros - American Born Returning To Europe - Radio 3Fourteen


Feb 13, 2016 - 56.2M -  mp3




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** Download this podcast

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From Melissa's YouTube Channel : Kittensinurface

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Alex Gabler and Melissa Mészáros - American Born Returning To Europe

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