Rense Wednesday Podcast

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On this day,  Jeff Rense speaks with
Jay Weidner, Richard Ostrow and Jim Marrs

The topics covered in today's podcast include:

  • State Of The World
  • Amazing Carnivora
  • View from Marrs

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Hour 1


Jay Weidner - State Of The World


Jay Weidner Playlist - Helpful Tidbits


Website :


Guest Appearances on:

Sacred Mysteries:

Coast to Coast :



Secrets of The Shining : Whale

Hour 2


Richard Ostrow & Special Guests - Amazing Carnivora


Richard Ostrow - Carnivora Research International Playlist - Helpful Tidbits

Hour 3


Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs


Jim Marrs Playlist - Helpful Tidbits

Helpful Links:

Website :

Latest from Jim Marrs - Helpful Link

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