Canadian Round table - The Trial of Arthur Topham and The Jewish Lobby

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Round Table Guests : Arthur Topham, Gilad Atzmon, Brian Ruhe, Jason Erb and  Paul Fromm.


The round table sits down to address the demographic and cultural destruction that is facing the West, along with the draconian laws that are fueling Canada’s identity crisis.

Arthur Topham goes over his trial in 2015  before the Supreme Court of BC. There he faced charges under the section 319(2) of the criminal code pertaining to  "Hate Propaganda" or "promoting hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin."


Paul Fromm who covered the Topham trial, was let go in 1997 from an English teaching position by the Peel Board of Education after years of pressure from Jewish lobby groups. The Zionists despised his support for victims of censorship and states that politically correctness has lead to censorship in Canada.


Gilad appeared as an expert witness in Arthur Topham's trails bringing to light the connection held when criticizing Jews the people, the Jewish religion, and the Jewishness ideology.


Jason offers up his opinion on the Canada’s Charter of Rights that are reducing the constitutional rights and sapping the strength of the Canadian European cultural spirit.


Donations to Arthur Topham's Legal Defense Fund

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Canadian Round table - The Trial of Arthur Topham & The Jewish Lobby in Canada

Feb 10, 2016






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Canadian Round table - The Trial of Arthur Topham & The Jewish Lobby in Canada

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