Euro Tunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants

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Adam has worked for years as a firefighter at the Kent Fire and Rescue service as well as the Euro tunnel fire station. He brings us an eyewitness account of the many incidents with illegal migrants at the eurotunnel. His Fire and Rescue squad has been tasked with searching for foreign invaders in the tunnels and trains.

Adam looks back at The summer of 2015, which saw a huge increase in immigrants crossing from Calais to Dover. Both overworked French Police and Eurotunnel security had removed an estimated 58 thousand illegals from the french terminal.  He then speaks about the French ferry strike that finally brought the situation to light through the mainstream media.

Adam goes over the strategies used by desperate travels to reach the Uk's social benefit sanctuary including stowing away trains or hiding inside freight lorries

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Adam - Euro tunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants

Feb 8, 2016






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Adam - Euro-tunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants

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