Sunday Wire Episode 121 - The Levant Affair

Welcome to the Helpful Tidbits continued coverage of the Sunday Wire Podcast. Host Patrick Henningsen brings us 3 hours of explosive talk-radio.


Guests Jeva Bartlett and Stuart Hooper provide us with 3 hours of thought provoking geo-political discourse.


Beginning in the first hour, Patrick reveals the latest regarding the 'Boy in the Bubble', the Zika Virus, running for US President, and other top international stories.

In the second hour. the Wire is joined by special guest Eva Bartlett who goes over the latest accounts from Syria and Palestine. Eva digs into what is really driving the misleading narrative the mainstream media is trying to convey.  

The third hour features a great discussion with Stuart Hooper about ISIS, Turkey and the concept of "Eye Washing” in the CIA.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 121

The Levant Affair


Feb 7, 2016 256.7M





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** Download mp3 Original 74.7M

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The Levant Affair with Guests Jeva Bartlett and Stuart Hooper

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