Power Through Discipline - The Plague of Weak Men

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Richard Thomas formerly behind Truth Militia and the Truth Militia Radio Network sits down with Lana to discuss his holistic approach at his weekly radio show 'PTD radio'. Rich feels that the key problem facing the western world today is the true lack of real men. Without a change in course our western society will continue on its downward self-destructive trajectory

The Power Through Discipline website and radio show that Richard hosts, helps men focus in on fitness, nutrition, health, spiritual and family values. By promoting these attainable goals he hopes to quash the feminist inspired, weak, soft, broken down male of today. He also wants s to counter the self gratified, victimized lazy man and women of today and bring back the ethos of hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice.

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Richard Thomas - Power Through Discipline: The Plague of Weak Men - Radio 3Fourteen


Feb 05, 2016 - 44.6M -  mp3




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Richard Thomas - Power Through Discipline: The Plague of Weak Men

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