Sunday Wire Episode 120 - Crisis of Liberty

Welcome to the Helpful Tidbits continued coverage of the Sunday Wire Podcast. Host Patrick Henningsen brings us 3 hours of explosive talk-radio.


Guests Jason Casella and Kim Upton in a 3 hour, thought provoking political discourse.


The first hour examines the Oregon Standoff's startling conclusion along with a look into the cold fear surrounding the Zika Virus.

Beginning in the second hour guest Jason Casella from from PANDA UNITE and the Solutions Institute talks about America's crisis of liberty and his recent experience at the Oregon Standoff

SGI Buddhist Kim Uptown joins the Sunday wire in the third hour to discuss the challenges that threaten to radically alter our 21st century civilization.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 120

Crisis of Liberty


Jan 31, 2016 256.7M





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Crisis of Liberty with Guests Jason Casella and Kim Upton

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