Blizzard, Fighting Migrants and Harney County  - Inside the Eye Live

Helpful Tidbits is proud to present another  podcast from Dennis Fetcho,  aka 'The Fetch'. 


Today's January 30th  ITEL Radio(Inside the Eye Live) podcast focuses on:


- Extreme winter weather across the globe
- European efforts to quell migrant entrance and crimes in Europe
- Patricia Aiken came on to discuss the latest updates from Federal Government murder of an America citizen in Oregon.
- The  ongoing turmoil in Syria, Turkey, Yemen, and elsewhere

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Inside the Eye Live Podcast - ITEL Radio

Blizzard, Fighting Migrants and Harney County


Jan 30rd 2016 Podcast



** Download the complete podcast
** Download the complete podcast

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Blizzard, Fighting Migrants and Harney County - Inside the Eye Live

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