What Really Happened at Auschwitz?

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Guest : Jim Rizoli


In this discussion, Jim and Henrik look back on how Mr Rizoli's activism, which was focused towards immigration issues, led him to the trial of Ernst Zündel. Ernst at the time was being persecuted in Canada for releasing a pamphlet 'Did Six Million Really Die!'

Jim talks about the encounters with the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL after he and CCFIILE were discovered producing cable television episodes dealing with the holocaust. This labeled Jim as being part of a hate group and a front line supporter.


Jim then explains the conflicting stories of the holocaust story that stood out and what prompted him to dig deeper into the stranger details of supposed Auschwitz gas chambers. The discussion then focuses in on the Russian renovations of the camps,  the questionable survivor claims and the logistics of crematoriums.


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Jim Rizoli - What Really Happened at Auschwitz? - Hour 1

Jan 29,  2016






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Jim Rizoli - What Really Happened at Auschwitz?

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