Alt Right 2016 - Round Table

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This thought provoking Two hour round table discussion begins with the panel reviewing last years events that brought a year of chaos in Europe and the hope western culture has a much needed rebirth

The Round Table examines an array of incidents – from the Ferguson #blacklivesmatter clashes in US to the refugee crisis in Europe which include the Paris attacks. These events seemed to force a mass realization that the left/liberal and mainstream conservative spheres have lost tactical advantage.


Richard speaks to the inspiring numbers of new people that are being “red-pilled” every day

Greg describes how Alt Right ideas such as the Cuck-servative meme is now forcing open debate.

Daniel focuses in on the required meta-politics that can be used to clean up the cultural rift we face.

Ramzpaul explains how he uses comedy in a nonthreatening way to avoid the censorship of his razor sharp message.

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Alt Right 2016 - Round Table +2 Hours

John Morgan, Greg Johnson, Daniel Friberg, Richard Spencer &  RamzPaul

Jan 26,  2016






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Alt Right Round Table 

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