Conspiracy And The Alt-Right - Andy Nowicki

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Andy Nowicki brings to the table his latest book "Conspiracy, Compliance, Control and Defiance" which unfolds the conspiracy of the ruling class.
The discussion looks at the meaning of conspiracy theory and explores the ruthless, cut-throat narcissism that is required to make it to the top.

Andy and Henrik then look over how events like Sandy Hook and 9/11  have been exploited to force a diabolical agenda in our march towards totalitarianism. He then goes on to give his “closet truth-er”  perspective and how questioning the mainstream media's portrayal of events, forces him to realize that evil is being sold to a naive public.

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Conspiracy & The Alt-Right - Hour 1

Andy Nowicki

Jan 25,  2016






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Andy Nowicki - Conspiracy and The Alt-Right

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