Sunday Wire Episode 119 - You Know the Drill

Welcome to the Helpful Tidbits continued coverage of the Sunday Wire Podcast. Host Patrick Henningsen brings us 3 hours of explosive talk-radio.


Guests Robert Singer and Jay Dyer

In the first hour Patrick looks at the latest incarnation of the Litvinenko murder mystery, the Iowa Caucuses, reports of newly discovered MH370 plane wreckage found as well as the Oregon stand-off.

The second hour features Robert Singer, investigator and researhcer. Together Robert and Patrick  discuss some of the new information that has come out pertaining to the San Bernardino Shooting story.


In the third hour Jack Dryer stops by to talk about the far reaching effects of Mass Shootings in America  including  the political manipulation and the consequences of social engineering.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 119

You Know The Drill


Jan 24, 2016 280.4M




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You Know the Drill with Guests Robert Singer and Jay Dyer

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