Zombies and PropaGUNda - Brian Anse Patrick

Helpful Tidbits directs your attention to another fine Red Ice Creations Podcast hosted by Henrik Palmgren.

Brian Anse Patrick begins the first hour by talking about the rise of the zombie phenomenon, which he calls the leading archetype of our modern age. They compare the early days zombie, a brain-eating creation under the control of an evil forces with the present day brain dead cogs plugged into a constant stream of entertainment and self-affirming social media.

Brian relates this trend to the UFO craze - an outgrowth that grew out of the tension filled climate of the Cold War. He goes on to say that the zombie trend is a warning of cultural decline and a erosion of civil society, and it has that ultimate death head symbol appeal.

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Zombies and PropaGUNda - Hour 1

Brian Anse Patrick

Jan 22,  2016





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Zombies & PropaGUNda - Brian Anse Patrick

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