Libertarian Realism - Folk, Culture and Borders

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Augustus Invictus starts out by explaining the name he has chosen to identify with and the winding road that led him to study law and eventually enter politics.

He talks about his association with the Libertarian Party and the conflicts in its toned down message. He also describes the key issues that will need his attention as Senator.

Lana and Augustus talk about the Libertarian stance on open borders, immigration and equality, and analyze how the left has sidetracked these key concerns. He then shares his view on the problems that will ensue for Libertarian ideals if non-Westerners continue to flood into America, and he also speaks to the Marxist debauchery that has taken over pop culture and the educational system.

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Augustus Sol Invictus - Libertarian Realism: Folk, Culture & Borders - Radio 3Fourteen


Jan 20, 2016 - 40.4M -  mp3




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Augustus Sol Invictus - Libertarian Realism: Folk, Culture & Borders

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