Sunday Wire Episode 118 - Damascus and The 4th Estate

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In the first hour we’ll look at the latest tall tales coming out of the Beltway, focus in on the GOP debate circus and check out the Oregon Stand-off.

In the second hour we’re joined by special guest Sharmine Narwani a Middle East writer, analyst and commentator. The discussion focuses in on the diplomatic and political shifts taking place between Syria, Israel and the West.

To finish off the second hour, Patrick updates us on the recent US Naval incident in Iranian waters.

In the third hour we’re joined by Richie Allen , a UK journalist and radio host. Richie talks about his new show on ACR, the passing of David Bowie, as well as a review of the 4th Estate and the moderns age of media manipulation.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 118

Damascus and The 4th Estate


Jan 17, 2016 186.6M




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Damascus and The 4th Estate

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