Democracy to Death - Sweden’s Path to Disintegration and Palme Assassination

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Kristoffer Hell begins the conversation by describing his struggle to bring to light some of the most pressing problems facing Sweden, such as the potential disappearance of cash and the thousands of laws being enacted in by Parliament each year that are stripping away at the Swedish people's freedom.

He explains the EU's role in facilitating a global dictatorship, with state sanctioned Geo- terrorist groups funded by billionaires like George Soros.

Henrik and Kristoffer discuss the Wallenberg banksters and the Bonnier media moguls, who combined are responsible for directing the mainstream media message that is guilt shaming people into following the elites self destructive.

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Democracy to Death: Sweden’s Path to Disintegration & Palme Assassination - Hour 1Kristoffer Hell


Hour 1 : Jan 15,  2016





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Kristoffer Hell - Democracy to Death-Sweden’s Path to Disintegration & Palme Assassination

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