The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

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David Cole first delves into his early years where he started looking at holocaust revisionism while living in California.  He describes his work helping the defense team of Ernst Zündel, the infamous political prisoner who spent more than seven years incarcerated in Germany on the charge  of holocaust denial.

We also cover the time between the making of David’s film in 1992, to when he went into hiding once the JDL placed a bounty on his head, up to the outing by his ex-girlfriend in 2013, and the frenzied fallout that ensued. David talks about what it’s like returning to the realm of holocaust revisionism, and we discuss many of the curious details on display at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

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David Cole - The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz- Radio 3Fourteen


Jan 13, 2016 -

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David Cole - The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

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