Sunday Wire Episode 117 - Weapons of Mass Distraction

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Journalist Patrick Henningsen's along with his special guests Ian Crane and Vanessa Beeley offer up Episode 117 - Weapons of Mass Distraction.


The first hour begins with the latest boogeyman scare from North Korea, El Chappo and Sean Penn's breakout, the new Saudi-Iran kabuki  orchestrated conflict and last but not least, the Oregon Standoff.

 In the second hour Patrick is joined by Ian R. Crane for an update on the battle against Fracking and the upcoming Alternative View Conference series. In the third hour The Wire is joined by  Vanessa Beeley, to discuss breaking events in Yemen, Serbia and Syria.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 117 

Weapons of Mass Distraction


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** Download Sunday Wire Episode 117

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Weapons of Mass Distraction

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