In Decline - Radical Agenda Episode 86

Welcome to Helpful Tidbits continuing coverage of a great podcast by Christopher Cantwell called Radical Agenda.


The 86th episode is titled In Decline.


Chris's Top Story:
   Hordes of foreign invaders stalking and violating women across Europe
  The president lying with a smirk and a tear about his intention to implement gun confiscation.

Chris also goes on to cover:

- The toilet porn bill of rights

- Tale of a police officer indicted over some maniac's suicide
- A Man throws away tens of thousands of dollars failing to transform himself into woman hear me roar

- North Korea is testing nuclear weapons

- Mobs of black teens are crashing and trashing retail stores

- Illegal immigrants are now occupying 16% of the jobs

- The Attack on the male female marriage bond and the liberal cry of racism if they couple are from the same European race

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Radical Agenda : Episode 86
In Decline

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