The Return of Ancestral Gods: Modern Ukrainian Paganism

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Dr. Mariya Lesiv first book, “The Return of Ancestral Gods: Modern Ukrainian Paganism as an Alternative Vision for a Nation,” is devoted to a new political and religious movement that focuses on old rural folklore while striving to form a new vision for the Ukraine and the diaspora.

 Mariya talks about her experiences in Kiev in 2006 during a celebration marking Ukraine’s then 15-year independence from the Soviet Union, which inspired her to write “The Return of Ancestral Gods.” She describes the three dominant pagan groups featured in the book: RunVira, Ancestral Fire, and Native Faith.

Lana and Mariya discuss the political unrest that existed in Ukraine post-WWII, when many Ukrainians fled due to the fear of having their culture in the hands of Nazis and Soviets. They look at the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union that instigated a religious revival and a rise in Ukrainian paganism with a yearning for self-identity.

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The Return of Ancestral Gods: Modern Ukrainian Paganism - Radio 3Fourteen


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The Return of Ancestral Gods: Modern Ukrainian Paganism

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