Pro-White Libertarianism

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Christopher Cantwell  provides us with a way to travel down the winding road leading to “common sense extremism”.


It all started with his involvement in the Free State Project which developed into the 'race issue' rabbit hole we deal with today.

Chris goes on to explain that left-leaning libertarians have an illogical association with a libertarian-ism based in the idea of private property societies. He also discusses the flawed concept of open border state sponsored mass immigration that is chasing cheap labor.

Christopher also addresses the adverse conditions that “diversity” generates when introduced within largely homogeneous societies, and does the libertarian faction has the stamina to stand up to Islam.

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Pro-White Libertarianism - Red Ice Radio


Hour 1 : Jan 4,  2016





** Download hour 1 of this podcast
** Download hour 1 of this podcast

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Christopher Cantwell - Pro-White Libertarianism 

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