Sunday Wire Episode 116 - ‘Outré in 2016’

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Hard hitting Journalist Patrick Henningsen's brings us year in review:  Episode 116 - ‘Outré in 2016’


Host Patrick Henningsen returns again this week to offer up another great episode of the Sunday Wire.


The Wire. once again,  looks deep into the top stories and issues facing the US and abroad. In the second hour, guest Shawn Helton, associate editor at 21Wire is here to go over the Top 10 Conspiracies of 2015 and looks ahead to 2016. In the third hour we examine this weeks media myths, and deconstructs the emerging situations at home.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 116


‘Outré in 2016’
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** Download Sunday Wire Episode 116
** Download Sunday Wire Episode 116

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