Feminism and It's Impact on Society

Helpful Tidbits would like to direct your attention to another fine Radio 3Fourteen Podcast hosted by Lana Lokteff


Christina Hoff Sommers begins the conversation by sharing the forgotten history of "conservative feminism" and "maternal feminism" during the 1st wave.


Christina then goes on to cover the suffragettes and why there were so many women opposed to them. Ponder that radical feminism portrays an inaccurate picture of relationships between men and women.

Christina then discusses 2nd wave feminism and how things became horribly sidetracked leading up to modern day radical feminist. They delve into the top feminist myths and denounce feminist misandry, From male shaming to "men going their own way" the ladies discuss the damage modern feminism is doing to the relationship between the sexes and to society as a whole....

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Feminism and Its Impact on Society - Radio 3Fourteen


Jan 1, 2016 - 49.1M -  mp3





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Feminism and Its Impact on Society

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