TRS : La (high comma) Trine

Helpful Tidbits brings you the latest TRS Daily Shoah Podcast - Episode 65: La (high comma) Trine


The topics covered on this Daily Shoah podcast include:  Kwanzaa, War On Christmas, New York Cities genderfluid laws, Mall Flash mobs, Tamir Rice, Ghoul's Poem and the merchant minute.
The TRS Death Panelists for today's podcast are:  Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Seventh Son and guest Richard Spencer.

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La (high comma) Trine  - TRS Episode 65


153M 2hr:44min.



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** Download Original TRS Episode

La (high comma) Trine  - TRS Episode 65


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** Download Mono TRS Episode

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Episode 65: La (high comma) Trine


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