The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy

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Tito Perdue, an established author, begins the converstation with the story of his life and times in Alabama and the inspiration that led him to embark on a literary career. Tito explains that we have shifted  away from natural order resulting from the quest for extreme democracy, and we look at the devaluing of our racial heritage that has marginalized the fundamental values of Western culture.

The  discussion looks at the history of cultures who have failed to rise up in resistance to invasions and we look at the undeniable self-destructiveness that is currently occurring in the West as the refugee incursion intensifies. Further, Tito talks about inability of whites to question the viability of multiculturalism.. Europeans today more than ever as their nation states are being flooded to the point of cultural oblivion.

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The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy - Red Ice Radio


Hour 1 : Dec 28 2015





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** Download hour 1 of this podcast

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