The Return of Odysseus

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Mike Walker discusses his motivations for writing “The Return of Odysseus,” an adaptation of Homer’s mythological tale of the long-lost King of Ithaca, Odysseus, and the return to his homeland.


The Discussion revolves around the ages-old theme of a king coming home and inspiring a civilization to ascend from a state of decay into nirvana. 

Mike then explains the vital aspect of culture, expressed through art, music, and literature, in affecting political change. He then goes on to tell us how the story of Odysseus, who is thwarted by the gods and lost at sea while Ithaca’s civilization deteriorates, connects to man’s voyage into his own soul.

We consider the forces of “good” vs. “evil” and how classic Greek mythology speaks to the psyche of Europeans today more than ever as their nation states are being flooded to the point of cultural oblivion.

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The Return of Odysseus - Red Ice Radio


Hour 1 : Dec 21 2015





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** Download hour 1 of this podcast

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