The Alchemy of Cultural Marxism

Helpful Tidbits would like to direct your attention to another fine Radio 3Fourteen Podcast hosted by Lana Lokteff


On today's podcast, Jamie Hanshaw and Lana focus the discussion on cultural Marxism and ever increasing war on Whites that has gained traction ever since President Obama came into office. The conversation focuses on how this resurgence of racism, agitated by #BlackLivesMatter propaganda is openly part of a socially engineered plan designed to subvert and divide.


The talk then focuses on how trauma based mind control has been contrived to bring about conflict between women and pervert the feminist movement. Jamie Hanshaw emphasizes how feminism has led to the sexual de-evolution of women, and she touches on the theme of androgyny in magic, the occult and alchemy.

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The Alchemy of Cultural Marxism - Radio 3Fourteen


Dec 16 2015




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The Alchemy of Cultural Marxism

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