Sunday Wire Ep 113 - From Paris to Palmyra

Welcome to another Helpful Tidbits hard hitting Sunday Wire Podcast.


Journalist Patrick Henningsen's brings us episode 113 - From Paris to Palmyra.


The Sunday Wire - Helping pull back the geopolitical curtain to expose what really happens in the shadows.

Sundays Topics include:

  • The continued focus of events from the Middle East
  • Islamophobic hysteria
  • Following the ISIS Oil money trail,
  • Examining the US-led “Anti-ISIL (pro-ISIL) Coalition
  • Special guest Gearóid Ó Colmáin, breaks down the political fall-out from the Paris Attacks
  • Re-visiting  the 2011 Anders Breivik false flag Gladio event in Norway
  • Dissecting the Trump-Obama Dialectic
  • Focusing in on the San Bernardino Puzzle Media manipulation.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 113


From Paris to Palmyra
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** Download The Sunday Wire ep113
** Download The Sunday Wire ep113

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