Inside the Eye Live -  Kevin MacDonald Interview

Helpful Tidbits is proud to present another  podcast from Dennis Fetcho,  aka 'The Fetch'. 


Today's December 12th  ITEL Radio (Inside the Eye Live) podcast focuses on:


Saudi Arabia's municipal elections, Middle East regional news and a 2 hour interview with Kevin MacDonald,


Special Guest Kevin MacDonald

Fetch's topics for today's podcast include:


Woman’s Suffrage Comes to Saudi Arabia

Turkey’s arming and supporting foreign mercenaries and terrorists in Syria

The theft of Syrian resources into Turkish pockets.

Erdogan's quest for Caliphate

False Flags and Gun Sales in the United States

The gun grabbing efforts by the United States government

Finally, An exclusive interview with Occidental Observer's Editor in Chief, Dr. Kevin MacDonald


Kevin MacDonald Interview - Dec 12th Inside the Eye Live - ITEL Radio Podcast

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Inside the Eye Live Podcast - ITEL Radio


Dec 12 2015 Podcast 2hr 06min





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** Download the complete podcast

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ITEL Radio's Kevin MacDonald InterviewInside the Eye Live Podcast for Dec 12 2015.

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