America's Racial Powderkeg

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Pete Papaherakles a writer for American Free Press and Victor Thorn founded Sisyphus Press discuss how “America’s Racial Powder Keg” came together and what prompted the different writers to address this taboo issue.


Talk focuses in on problems of race that have escalated dramatically since Obama came into office, how his bid for “change”, fueled by the media has created a firestorm of issues. 

 The Panel then explores the fact that self-hating White liberals are the root cause behind the white guilt narrative that has driven the disenfranchisement of middle America. From the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings to the Marxist war against nationalism and family values, its a discussion not to be missed.

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Americas Racial Powderkeg - Red Ice Radio


Hour 1 : Dec 11 2015





** Download hour 1 of this podcast
** Download hour 1 of this podcast

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