Sunday Wire Ep 112 - San Bernardino to Syria

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Hard hitting Journalist Patrick Henningsen's brings us Episode 112 - ‘San Bernardino to Syria


The Sunday wire - Helping pull back the geopolitical curtain to expose what is really happening behind the shadows.


Guests include:  Ajamu Bakara, Glen Ford along with 21WIRE contributor Vanessa Beeley and Stuart J. Hooper.

Sundays Topics include:

  • Daily Shooter story of the San Bernardino Massacre and Active Shooter Drill
  • Thesubsequent unprecedented media ransacking of suspects home in Redlands, CA.
  • UK Parliamentary voted to drop bombs on Syria
  • Discussion of Muddle East events happening in Syria, Iraq and Yeman
  • BBC skewed coverage of events in London before, during and after the Syria vote
  • British airstrikes on a former ISIS oil field.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 112


San Bernardino to Syria
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** Download Sunday Wire Ep 112
** Download Sunday Wire Ep 112

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