Inside the Eye Live -  San Bernardino Shooting Incident

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Today's December 5th, ITEL Radio (Inside the Eye Live) podcast focuses on:


San Bernardino Shooting Incident, Turkey vs Russia and Jewish mass murder of Russians and Ukrainians during the early 20th century.



On Today's Podcast, Fetch's focuses in on the San Bernardino shooting incident

Topics covered include:
Purportedly saw 14 people killed by Muslims
Incident appears to be wholly scripted
Insane revelations by Jewish media that 'shooters pledged to Da'esh
Actual shooting possibly done by military contractors
The media back-peddaling and coverup


San Bernardino Shooting Incident - Dec 5th Inside the Eye Live - ITEL Radio Podcast

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Inside the Eye Live Podcast - ITEL Radio


Dec 5, 2015 Podcast 2hr 02min





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** Download the complete podcast

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ITEL Radio's San Bernardino Shooting IncidentInside the Eye Live Podcast for Dec 5 2015.

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