Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

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Jim Fetzer is with us to discuss “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” his latest book collaboration edited with Mike Palecek and featuring contributors James F. Tracy, Ph.D., Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D., Nick Kollerstrom, and others. Jim begins with details about the banning of his book by less than a month after publication and after nearly 500 copies had been circulated.

Jim explains the damning evidence presented in the book that exposes the corrupt Obama administration, and says that mass shooting events like Sandy Hook, Charleston and Roseburg are elaborate PSYOPs designed to instill fear in particular segments of the American population to push gun control agendas......

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Nobody Died at Sandy Hook - Red Ice Radio


Hour 1 : Dec 4 2015





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** Download hour 1 of this podcast

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Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

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