Who's to Blame for the Anti-White Agenda?

Helpful Tidbits would like to direct your attention to another fine Radio 3Fourteen Podcast hosted by Lana Lokteff


On today's podcast, Scott Roberts talks about the history of his YouTube channels and the censorship he’s encountered since he began broadcasting videos aimed at exposing and dismantling the anti-White agenda.  Scott reflects about his awakening to the plot of White genocide and goes on to  explain how we are being governed by elites that want to destroy White culture.


Scott and Lana consider the PC trend to prevent average people from exploring the hard truths of history. They go on to examine the top-down control of everything from the media to militia that keeps Whites from understanding the extent of the manipulation they have been groomed to do the bidding for.

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Who's to Blame for the Anti-White Agenda? - Radio 3Fourteen


Dec 2, 2015





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** Download this podcast

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Who's to Blame for the Anti-White Agenda?

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