Sunday Wire Ep 111 - The Sultan Complex

Welcome to another Helpful Tidbits heart pounding Sunday Wire Podcast.


Journalist Patrick Henningsen's brings us episode 111 - The Sultan Complex


The Sunday Wire - Helping pull back the geopolitical curtain to expose what really happens in the shadows.

The topics covered in this Sundays podcast include:

  • Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter bomber inside of Syrian airspace
  • President Obama shielding of Turkeyfrom criticism.
  • GOP candidate Ben Carson visits Syrian refugees in Jordan
  • CNN’s latest credibility crisis - Elise Labott scandal
  • Discuss events in Syria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Yemen.
  • Nazis teaming up with Jihadis in Ukraine
  • Newly formed European Union Army
  • The Black Friday ritual
  • Planned Parenthood’s ‘Active Shooter’ in Colorado

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 111


The Sultan Complex
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** Download The Sunday Wire ep111

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