Inside the Eye Live -  Turkey on the Table

Helpful Tidbits is proud to present another  podcast from Dennis Fetcho,  aka 'The Fetch'. 


Today's November 28st  ITEL Radio (Inside the Eye Live) podcast focuses on:


Turkey's Shoot Down of Russian SU-24 , LiFi, Captagon, and listener calls.


This is a special Thanksgiving holiday shortened show.

On Today's Podcast, Fetch's attention is focused on Turkey’s shoot down of a Russian SU-24


Topics covered include:

The rush of press releases
Theories as to why the Russian plane was targeted

Syria’s role in protecting Israel mercenary forces fighting in Syria

And examining Turkey’s support of mercenary armies operating in Syria.


Turkey on the Table - Nov 28th Inside the Eye Live - ITEL Radio Podcast

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Inside the Eye Live Podcast - ITEL Radio


Nov 28 2015 Podcast 1hr 34min





** Download the complete podcast
** Download the complete podcast

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ITEL Radio's "Turkey on the TableInside the Eye Live Podcast for Nov 28 2015.

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