Sunday Wire Ep 110 - New Iron Curtain: West

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Hard hitting Journalist Patrick Henningsen's brings us Episode 110:  New Iron Curtain: West


The Sunday Wire - Helping pull back the geopolitical curtain to expose what is really happening behind the shadows.


Guest: Navid Nasr

This Sunday's topics include:


  • Geopolitical and social fall-out from the Paris attacks
  • Western media propaganda following the Paris attacks
  • Belgium and the so-called ‘Migrant Crisis’
  • Syria and new religious tensions being stoked in Europe and globally
  • Social programming being waged by western mainstream media outlets
  • Fast-track new Police State measures
  • Political conversation in the US have gone ‘full retard’ over the Paris, Syria Refugee Crisis
  • The future mental and political health of the american nation.

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Sunday Wire Podcast Episode 110


New Iron Curtain: West
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** Download Sunday Wire Episode 110
** Download Sunday Wire Episode 110

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