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Today's November 14th  ITEL Radio (Inside the Eye Live) podcast focuses on:


South American-Gulf Summit, Saudi "Soft Anti-Terror Power",  Vienna Syria Talks, Paris Terror Attacks and Missouri University Hoax and the LGBTQ Black Agenda,

Fetch's 3rd hour focuses on The Madness that is “#Mizzou”

At the heart of the discussion if the University of Missouri, aka “Mizzou” dismissal of the University President, Tim Wolfe, brought about by reasons wholly fabricated by the campuses gay, black, student body president.

At issue were three primary claims:

1) A “swastika” made from “human feces” was drawn on a wall
2) An alleged off campus “racial slur” directed at the gay, black, student body president
3) An black accomplice “hunger striker” turned out to be an 8 year grad student and the son of a man worth at least 8 million dollars.

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Inside the Eye Live Podcast - ITEL Radio


Nov 14 2015 Podcast 2hr 27min





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